Personal Care in CT

Oftentimes, a side effect of aging is the inability to perform basic personal care tasks. This can leave your loved one frustrated and embarrassed. Of course, that is the last thing you want them to feel. Since you can’t always be there to help with these tasks (nor should you have to be), Alina’s Elder Care’s personal care service is ideal.

Our certified nursing assistant (CNA) staff and compassionate caregivers will help your loved one while allowing them to feel the dignity they deserve. Some of the tasks our personal care professionals can perform include:


Some of the ailments that often accompany the golden years can make it very difficult to get dressed properly. Seemingly simple tasks, like buttoning up a shirt or putting on socks, can prove to be rather challenging. Our caregivers will tactfully assist your loved one to ensure that they are properly dressed for any occasion.


You know your loved one needs to bathe regularly, but that doesn’t mean you want to be the one performing this job. Our in-home caregivers use the utmost discretion to keep your loved one clean from head to toe.


From cereal to yogurt to soup and salad, if you or your loved one wants to eat it, our caregiver will feed it to them.

Oral Care

Whether yourself or your loved one is wearing dentures or still has a full smile, proper oral hygiene is crucial because unhealthy gums can lead to heart attacks and strokes. From brushing to flossing to denture cleaning, our caregivers will do it all with precision.

Bathroom Assistance

The act of going to the restroom is something most people take for granted; however, if certain ailments are present during the golden years, this task can seem impossible. Our caregivers will discreetly help your loved one as often as needed.

Mobility Assistance

Whether it’s going to the kitchen to get a drink of water to going to bed, trying to get around the house can sometimes prove to be a challenge. That’s where our caregivers come in. They will calmly and willingly help your loved one get to wherever they need to go.
If you feel like your loved one can benefit from one of the above services, give us a call today. You might be surprised at just how affordable our personal care services are, and you will surely be pleased to take these tasks off of your own to-do list.