Connecticut Homemaker Services

Sometimes, it’s the simple tasks that prove the most daunting as age increases and mobility decreases. When you sign on for our Alina’s Elder Care’s homemaker service, an experienced and professional home care provider will come to your loved one’s home at your desired interval to perform tasks that a homemaker would usually do. For example:

Meal Preparation

The key to optimal health has always been proper nutrition. When your loved one receives the vitamins, minerals, and proteins they need, they will thrive. Current ailments may even improve as their lifespan is extended. However, actually preparing these healthy meals is anything but simple.

While in your loved one’s home, our aides will cook nutritionally sound meals whenever desired. They are experienced with special diet requirements and will ensure your loved one is eating how they are supposed to. If grocery shopping is also needed, that is not an issue. And, of course, cleanup is included.

Light Housekeeping

Having a clean home is crucial during the golden years. When things are not where they belong they become tripping hazards and can evoke feelings of stress. If there is an abundance of dust or other bacteria, sickness may follow. Clearly, it’s important that your loved one’s home stays tidy, but that doesn’t mean you should have to clean it.

With our homemaker service, all basic housekeeping tasks will be completed, including (but not limited to): dusting, vacuuming, doing the dishes, taking out the trash, sweeping/mopping, and cleaning the bathrooms.


You can rest easy knowing that your loved one will always have clean clothes to wear. Not only that, but they will be properly pressed (if needed). Additionally, our home aides will change and launder bed linens as often as required.
Pet Care

The unconditional companionship a pet provides is irreplaceable. Just because your loved one can no longer take care of their beloved best friend, that doesn’t mean it should have to find a new home. Our aides will assist with feeding and walking the pet, so your loved one can just enjoy the snuggles.

Organizing/Reading Mail

From bills to ads to letters from family, our home care aides will assist your loved one with both organizing and reading the mail they receive.

Do any or all of the above services sound like something your loved one could benefit from? Call us today to find out how we can customize our homemaker service to your exact specifications. When you rely on us for the small stuff, you can spend your time enjoying your loved one instead of cleaning up after them.

Our professional caregivers have proven expertise and understand what you’re going through. They are here to make life a little easier.

We are bonded, insured, and certified by the Department of Consumer Protection in the state of Connecticut.

Contact us today for in-home care, performed with the professionalism and compassion you deserve.