Connecticut Companion Services

Even if basic needs are met, there is a lot more to life than simply eating, sleeping, and keeping proper hygiene. For all of these tasks, Alina’s Elder Care’s companion service fits the bill. With this option, yourself or your loved one can have someone by their side whenever they want it.

The home care aides are genuinely interested in what your loved one has to say and are invested in their overall wellbeing. When you choose our companion service, these are a few ways that the aids can help out:


Whether it’s a game of chess, an arts and crafts project, or reading a favorite book, the home care aides will enjoy participating in these activities with your loved one. Through good conversations and a lot of laughter, the home care aides will develop a sincere connection with your loved one.

Outings and Medical Appointments

As much as you want to be with your loved one at every doctor appointment and social engagement, your other commitments often get in the way, which is perfectly understandable. But don’t worry, the home care aides can offer a second set of ears at a doctor’s appointment or a friend to talk to at a social event.

Provide Transportation

Even if your loved one can attend appointments and run errands alone, that doesn’t mean they are able to drive. In this situation, the home care aides will be able to pick up and drop off your loved one, ensuring they are on time and safe.

Exercise Assistance

Going for a walk, doing some yoga, and even performing basic stretches can prove very beneficial during the golden years. Our home care aides will help your loved one complete these exercises correctly while ensuring they don’t overdo it.

Offer Reminders (Medication and More)

The golden years are often accompanied by an increase in medications, which can be very difficult to keep track of. Our home care aides will make sure that your loved one takes the correct medication at the exact time needed so they can always feel their best. If needed, other reminders can be made as well.

Knowing one can always have a companion when desired is truly priceless. Call us today to ensure that yourself or your loved one never feels lonely. When you do, we will choose the perfect home care aide based on likes/dislikes and personality. Over time, a true friendship will build and everyone will genuinely look forward to their visits.